The Vallet area has a variety of natural features and vineyard plots must meet strict criteria to be eligible to produce cru wines. Cru Vallet vineyards may be located on:
• the slopes of Mauges schist running between Vallet and La Regrippière
Puy Jahail, Chalousière, Désirée, Ragotière, etc.
• the slopes of gneiss and micaschist with some inclusions of granite on the north-westerly outskirts of the Vallet area
Chaillou, Bodinière (Landreau), Pommeraie, etc.
• the mounds and domes on weathering siliceous bedrock, on the western side of the area
Saint-Charles, Moulin de la Verrie, Guipière, Ferré, etc.

Learn more about Cru Vallet by discovering the soils and subsoils, and the topographical, pedological and geological eligibility criteria.